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My cats can never work if they want to be in, out or somewhere in between. They have the run of the house though, so we have placed pet doors all through the house on both the external and internal doors. Some doors can easily have a pet door added to them and in some doors it is nearly impossible and very expensive to have a pet door added. This blog has some tips on what to look for in a door if you have pets, to make sure that your new door is perfect for the whole family (including the furry members!).



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Should Your Business Have A Fire Door? How Fire Door Installation Can Help

As a business owner, you must think about keeping your employees and business assets safe from fire breakouts. In this case, fire doors can help you achieve that goal. Fire doors can withstand high temperatures without getting destroyed, unlike wooden doors. Scroll down to find out some of the reasons why fire door installation is a worthwhile investment. 

They Provide Safety

Fire doors are ideal in preventing the spread of fire and smoke to other sections of the building. Therefore, you are assured of keeping the fire exits and the corridors safe for the building occupants to use when a fire breaks out. If the fire starts in one room of the facility, the fire doors ensure that it does not spread and destroy other rooms. 

They Are Long-Lasting

The core, frames, and hinges in fire doors are built to last. Because of that, you do not have to replace the doors in case of a fire incident. Essentially, the hinges should match the quality of the doors, increasing their performance and efficiency. So, these doors will give you peace of mind knowing that you can utilise them for many years without needing a replacement. 

They Are Soundproof

If you have overly loud machines in your workplace, you will certainly appreciate anything that promises to keep your premises quieter. Fire door installation means that you will have acoustic insulation on your property. The soundproofing feature allows all your workers to do their jobs without the interference of loud noises.

They Provide Easy Escape

After installing fire doors, your workers are assured of a safe exit out of the building if there is a fire. These doors swing shut automatically but let your workers can escape easily when necessary. If all the doors are correctly marked, people will know where to run through when the building is on fire.

They Ensure Compliance with the Law

The state government in your area may require that all businesses install fire doors. Therefore, besides making your business safe, a fire door installation will ensure that you follow the law. It also means you will get the required safety certificates and avoid penalties from the law enforcers. 

Since fires occur when least expected, it is good to be armed with the right safety measures. Fire door installation can go a long way in protecting valuables and people from the fire, as seen above. So, contract a door specialist to help you buy and install the right fire doors for your business. 

To learn more, contact a fire door installation team.