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My cats can never work if they want to be in, out or somewhere in between. They have the run of the house though, so we have placed pet doors all through the house on both the external and internal doors. Some doors can easily have a pet door added to them and in some doors it is nearly impossible and very expensive to have a pet door added. This blog has some tips on what to look for in a door if you have pets, to make sure that your new door is perfect for the whole family (including the furry members!).


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Benefits of Installing Roller Shutters Around Your Home

If you want an upgrade that enhances your home inside and out, consider fitting roller shutters on the exterior. Here are several advantages you can expect.


The main benefit of roller shutters is the security they provide. Windows are a weak spot when it comes to home safety, and shutters reverse this. They're made from joined horizontal steel or aluminium slats forming a panel. The shutters open and close by sliding along tracks on either side. When closed, they fit tightly against the window and are hard to budge. They provide a formidable barrier and deter criminals, who may be spurred to try neighbouring houses with bare glass windows. You can also protect an expansive area of glass doors at the back of your house with shutters.

Light Control

Roller shutters offer an extra layer of light control for the windows. You can close the shutters to create a blackout effect. While indoor roller blinds allow light to enter around the edges, roller shutters cover the entire window expanse, thus forming a comprehensive block.

You can also install roller shutters that you can keep closed but angle the slats to let light in through perforations in the metal, thus preserving security while admitting light.

Thermal Efficiency

Windows are not only a weak point when it comes to security but also to the thermal efficiency of a house. They let a lot of heat inside in the summer, especially if they receive direct sunlight. Winter warmth can also easily escape through the windows. Roller shutters with insulated slats help prevent this.

While you may not want to leave the roller shutters down all day in the summer, you can pull them down at selected times, such as when at work. The shutters will help preserve the cool atmosphere you may have created with the air conditioning. For a few hours, you can close the roller shutters on particular sunlit windows. Similarly, in winter, you can customise your use of roller shutters to maintain a cosy house.

Noise Block

Roller shutters can also block noise from entering your home. They may be ideal if you live near a motorway or train station and want to sleep later than the peak hour traffic begins.

Design Options

You can choose from various colours for the roller shutters to complement your house. You could select a design in the same colour as the roofing, window trim, or external walls. You can repeat the siding colour for a subtle effect or echo an accent roof hue for contrast.

For more information about roller shutters, reach out to a local supplier.