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My cats can never work if they want to be in, out or somewhere in between. They have the run of the house though, so we have placed pet doors all through the house on both the external and internal doors. Some doors can easily have a pet door added to them and in some doors it is nearly impossible and very expensive to have a pet door added. This blog has some tips on what to look for in a door if you have pets, to make sure that your new door is perfect for the whole family (including the furry members!).



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Helpful Tips for Installing Fire Doors in Your Commercial Building

If you own a commercial building and are looking to make safety improvements to it, then you might want to look into installing fire doors. This might even be something that you're already thinking about. If you're going to be installing fire doors in your commercial building, these tips should help you out.

Find Out About Fire Safety Requirements

First of all, you could be thinking about installing fire doors because you want to take fire safety precautions yourself. However, another reason why you might be thinking about doing it could be because you might know that you are required to have fire doors installed. Depending on where you own a commercial building, you might be required to have fire doors installed if your building is over a certain size or if it's used to conduct certain types of business. You might be required to have multiple fire doors throughout the building. Find out about fire codes in your area and how they apply to fire doors so that you can be sure your commercial building is legally compliant.

Purchase Suitable Fire Doors

When you purchase fire doors, make sure that they are approved and well-made. If you purchase fire doors that are not actually properly made and that don't meet the proper specifications, then you might find that they will fail when you need them the most. Therefore, it's worth it to spend a little more time shopping for the right fire doors and spend a little more money if necessary.

Have Fire Doors Installed Properly

Not only is it important to make sure that you have the right fire doors, but it's also important to make sure that they are installed properly. This is one time when you probably shouldn't handle the installation yourself, even if you're hoping to save a little bit of money. If fire doors are not properly installed and fitted, then they will not function like they are supposed to. A professional should be able to install your new fire doors in the proper manner, however.

Invest in Other Forms of Fire Protection

Of course, when you install the right fire doors and make sure they are installed correctly, you should be able to count on them to help with fire safety. However, this does not mean that you shouldn't invest in other forms of fire protection. Installing ample fire extinguishers, installing a fire suppression system, and taking other similar steps can help you be sure that your building is as safe as possible.

For more information, contact a fire door installation service near you.