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My cats can never work if they want to be in, out or somewhere in between. They have the run of the house though, so we have placed pet doors all through the house on both the external and internal doors. Some doors can easily have a pet door added to them and in some doors it is nearly impossible and very expensive to have a pet door added. This blog has some tips on what to look for in a door if you have pets, to make sure that your new door is perfect for the whole family (including the furry members!).



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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Aluminium Doors

If you are going for a contemporary building, whether residential or commercial, aluminium doors are an excellent choice. They continue to gain popularity, and there is a reason for it. If you are looking to have a building with advanced security, insulation and aesthetics, aluminium is an excellent choice. 

Here are 5 great reasons why aluminium doors are the best choice you can make for your building. 

1. Weather resistant

Aluminium is highly resistant to the harsh weather conditions of the freezing winters as well as the scorching heat during summer. Because it does not warp, it is very suitable for doors and windows alike.

Even in times of extreme weather, aluminium doors retain their aesthetic appeal and durability, making them an excellent, rust-proof choice for your doors.

2. Room to Use Slimmer Frames

Because it is a strong metal, your doors can have that almost frameless look, as a thin strip of aluminium is strong enough to hold glass. This creates a very aesthetically appealing door which appears bigger than its actual size. 

Also, the increased surface area of glass allows an increase in visibility through the doors. 

3. Durability and Cost Effective

In the long run, organic material such as wood will rot, and metallic material like iron will rust. However, aluminium will not rot or rust and is unaffected by moisture and heat. 

As long as you retain high levels of cleanliness, aluminium remains aesthetically pleasing for years and even decades to come. 

4. Greener Option

As the world moves towards using more sustainable material, aluminium becomes a top choice for building material. It is an excellent substitute for wood, which is commonly used to make doors, and as such, it relieves the pressure on natural material like timber. 

Aluminium is also very energy efficient in the home. Aluminium is very malleable. Therefore, during the manufacturing process, it can be modified to shapes and sizes that, when used on doors, will ensure maximum penetration of natural light. This will ensure you reduce the energy consumption in your home. Aluminium is also recyclable. 

5. Strong and Ductile

Aluminium alloys make excellent door frames. It is alloyed with elements like copper and magnesium to increase its strength. Unlike other strong material like steel, aluminium gets stronger with reduced temperatures, allowing your aluminium doors to survive the cold winters.

In addition to the beautiful finish that aluminium doors give your home, it is extremely flexible and long lasting. It does not corrode easily, if ever. Contact your contractor to help you design an excellent aluminium door that will fit your home aesthetically while providing you with the immense benefits of strength and durability.