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My cats can never work if they want to be in, out or somewhere in between. They have the run of the house though, so we have placed pet doors all through the house on both the external and internal doors. Some doors can easily have a pet door added to them and in some doors it is nearly impossible and very expensive to have a pet door added. This blog has some tips on what to look for in a door if you have pets, to make sure that your new door is perfect for the whole family (including the furry members!).



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Why Have a Professional Replace Your Home's Glass Doors?

Glass patio doors are a very popular option for homes today, as they help to open up a space, and they can create a more cohesive feeling between indoor and outdoor areas. Folding glass doors offer the best view to the outside, as you can push them out of the way entirely to open them.

While these doors are typically very tough and durable, they can get damaged over time; the glass itself can get chipped, cracked or scratched, or the frame to the door can get bent or dented. For sliding doors, there can also be damage to the tracks and hardware that the doors slide along. Before you assume you can just buy a replacement door and pop it into place yourself, note why it can be good to have a professional manage this work for you, when a glass door in your home needs replacing.

Weight of the doors

Glass doors are usually very heavy, sometimes heavier than standard entryway doors. This is because the glass for those doors is typically very thick and dense so that it can withstand chips and other damage. This added weight can make it more difficult to hold a glass door on your own, and it can also make it more difficult to actually hang that door correctly; the weight can pull it away from the frame so that a French door doesn't close properly on the hinge, or so that a sliding door gets stuck along its frame. To ensure a heavy glass door is installed evenly, have a pro install it for you.

Upgrade the doors

If your glass doors are often getting scratched or damaged, it might be time for an upgrade. A glass door installer can tell you if a different type of glass would be a better choice, given your home's standard weather conditions, if there are children who might hit the glass with toys and so on. Plexiglass or a laminated glass can be stronger against such potential damage, which can mean having to replace glass doors far less often.

Wood frames also might not be sturdy enough for your everyday use, and an installer can suggest aluminium or even frameless doors for something that is sturdier and less likely to get damaged over the years. If you're bothered by light or noise from outside the home, a glass door installer can also suggest glass that offers more protection against glare and noise, such as frosted glass, thick glass that absorbs soundwaves and the like.